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Should you change to Local Housing Allowance if you currently get 'old style' Housing Benefit

If you are getting Housing Benefit under the old rules, you can check the LHA rate for your home to see if you would be better off changing to LHA.

If you check and decide that you do want to change you can fill in a form to end your current Housing Benefit claim and make a new claim under LHA rules.

You must take into account the following advice before making a decision:

  • Even if you return the form to end your existing claim and the form to make your new LHA claim at the same time, there will be a gap between your claims of one week. You will not be entitled to benefit for any gap between claims. You must make an arrangement with your landlord to pay your rent for that period. The gap may be longer if you delay in any way. For example, if there is another change in your circumstances and you don’t give us evidence about the change.
  • The LHA rate for your property can change if there is a change in your household. You must tell us about changes so that we can check the rate.
  • New LHA rates are set every April. If the rate has changed we will use the new rate to work out your benefit, even if it is lower.
  • You will probably not be able to have your benefit paid direct to your landlord. We will pay you and you will have to arrange to pay your own rent.

Download these two forms to ask us to change your claim to LHA: 'Request to end my Housing Benefit claim' and a short version of the 'Housing Benefit claim form'. You must complete both forms. Send both back to us straightaway.

You can contact us and ask us to send the forms to you if you prefer.

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