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More information about corrections

What corrections can be made

Corrections to a birth registration can only be made when the information is wrong (eg a mistake was made when recording a parent's occupation).

You can't apply for a correction to show new information if circumstances change after you've registered your child's birth (eg you change your name after getting married again).

However, you can apply to re-register the birth if the natural parents get married at a later date.

Who to apply to

You can either apply for a correction to:

  • the register office where your child's birth was registered - for minor mistakes in a parent's occupation, birthplace or address
  • the General Register Office (GRO) - for mistakes involving things like names

If you're unsure who to apply to, contact the register office or the GRO.

GRO contact details for corrections:

0300 123 1837

What happens if you change gender

If your gender change is approved, you'll get a new, free short birth certificate with your new gender on it.

What the correction looks like

If your application is approved, a correction is made in the register in the office for the area where your child was born.

The original information will always be shown in the register. After the correction has been authorised, a note will be added to the margin of the register. This will explain what the correct information is and when the correction was made.

All full birth certificates that are issued from this time will include the note in the margin.

Short birth certificates only include the child's details and won't have a note in the margin - they'll just include any correct new details.


For more information about corrections, including details of who can apply and how long the process takes, please see the website.

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