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Planning & regeneration Apply for Building Regulation Approval

Full Plans Application

The most widely known procedure is by the deposit of 'full plans' whereby the person wishing to carry out the work, or their agent, submits plans showing full details of the work. These plans are then checked for compliance with the Building Regulations and, if satisfactory, an Approval Notice is issued.

We recommend that applicants follow the full plans procedure unless the work is of a very minor nature. The full plans procedure gives greater protection to the building owner.

Advantages of a full plans application

You will receive a formal decision after the checking has taken place. An Approval Notice can be presented to financial institutions, solicitors, surveyors etc., when seeking loans or moving home. You have the assurance that providing, the work is carried out in accordance with the approved plans, the regulations will be satisfied.

To submit a full plans application

Complete the Full Plans Application Form, in duplicate, and include two copies of:

  • All detailed plans, sections and elevations, incorporating all necessary technical notes, supporting calculations and specifications
  • A 1:1250 scale plan showing the size and position of the building, or the building as extended, and its relationship to adjoining boundaries (commonly known as block plans)
  • The appropriate charge (see Building Control Charges)

We aim to provide a response to applications as soon as possible and within 15 working days.

Building Notice Procedure

The Building Notice procedure is a useful facility for carrying out work on smaller domestic projects and also where the person carrying out the work is familiar with the Regulations' requirements, it enables work to proceed quickly without the formal deposit of plans.

This procedure does not involve time spent on plans approval but work must still comply with the Building Regulations and is required to be inspected.

Notice must be given to enable the Building Control Officer to inspect at various stages of the work. This notification must also be given when using the full plans procedure.

It should be noted that the use of a Building Notice will simplify the initial procedure but this method cannot be used when the proposed works require consultation to take place with the Fire Service.

Advantages of the Building Notice Procedure

Detailed plans are not always required, producing savings in time and cost.

Disadvantages of the Building Notice Procedure

You must feel confident that the works comply with the Building Regulations or you risk having to correct it after inspection. You may have to submit plans and calculations at a later stage.

  • No Approval Notice will be issued
  • A Building Notice may not be accepted for mortgage purposes
  • It will not be possible to seek a determination from the Secretary of State if there is a dispute between the applicant and the local authority

To submit a Building Notice

Complete the Building Notice Form and include the following:

  • A 1:1250 scale plan showing the size and position of the building, or the building as extended, and its relationship to adjoining boundaries (commonly known as block plans)
  • A description/details of the work proposed
  • The appropriate charge

Building Notice for Domestic Electrical Work and/or provision of replacement Windows and Glazed Doors

For this type of work, when there are no other Building Regulation works being carried out you may submit our simplified Building Notice for Electrical Work or the Building Notice for Windows as an alternative to the Standard Building Notice Form.

You will still be required to submit the appropriate charge

Regularisation applications

In some cases where works have already started, it may be possible to submit a Regularisation application. This procedure is subject to agreement with this Authority. Guidance on Regularisation Certificates is available to download. For appropriate charge please contact us.

You will still be required to submit the appropriate charge

Electronic Submission of Plans

We have the necessary facilities to receive your plans via e-mail (using pdf.dwg format). Drawings can be both checked and returned with comments using this method.

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