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Supporting Carers At Work

Supporting Carers at Work

It is important to remember that most carers do not require a major change to their working arrangements, but simply need some 'give and take' from their employer to enable them to work and continue to care, and you will see the benefits!

  • Ensure that your policies are carer friendly to support both carers and those managing carers 
  • Be carer-aware - ensure that all managers have been trained in carer awareness to ensure understanding of issues and awareness of policies that could help to support carers 
  • Encourage an 'open door' policy so that staff feel able to approach their manager to discuss the issues they face 
  • Be flexible - remember, there are no 'one-size-fits-all' solutions 
  • Ensure good communication 
  • Keep all relevant managers aware of agreed changes to work arrangements for carers to ensure consistency 
  • Keep the team aware too to prevent any possible resentment 
  • Signpost carers to the Working Carers Network via the Carers Strategy Team at Manchester City Council (0161 234 4254) so that carers can: 
    • Receive up to date information  
    • Meet and share with other carers 
    • Feed back about any issues they are facing
  • Set up your own Carers Staff Network!
  • Signpost carers to your Occupational Health department to find out about the health checks, information and training they provide 
  • Take a look on the internet for up to date information for working carers at

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