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What you think matters to us

We regularly hold a telephone survey, conducted by an independent social research company called Enventure Research.

This survey lets us know your thoughts on what it's like where you live so we can be certain we are dealing with the issues that matter to you.

It will ask for your opinions about aspects of the quality of life in your local area such as community safety and local services.

The findings from this research are used to see how well Manchester City Council and its partners are delivering services and to help us decide what needs doing differently in the future.

Advantages of the telephone survey include:

  • Response rates tend to be better than to postal surveys, especially in urban areas with young age profiles like Manchester;
  • The sample can be managed better by using quotas to make sure all demographic groups are well represented;
  • It provides us with up to date information to help us continually improve our services;
  • Some questions will be changed every now and again to ask you about seasonal or topical issues;

Some important facts for your peace of mind:

  • To make sure we speak to a good cross section of people across Manchester we will ask you your age, gender, ethnicity and employment status;
  • Your answers are anonymous and won't be attributed to you as an individual;
  • The Council will not ask you to provide any personal details in a telephone survey (unless you choose to opt-in to future Manchester City Council consultation events).  If you are asked for any other details, do not proceed.

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Was this page helpful?