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Consultations & surveys Consultation: carers and the support they get

Outcomes of this consultation


In August this year we set up an 8 week consultation process to hear carer’s views on the following:

The Carer Strategy The consultation asked if the draft strategy we had put together was focused upon the right areas and priorities and if there were any other areas that the Council should focus upon.

The Carer ‘Support Offer’ The support offer was consulted upon and people were asked what would help them continue in their caring role.

The Carer Assessment Changes in the assessment and the assessment process were consulted upon and people were asked if they agreed with the changes, or if they thought that there were other approaches that would make the assessment easier.

What People said

  • Priorities in our Strategy need to be, specific, measurable, achievable and time bound. 
  • Support needs to be personalised. 
  • There was concern expressed about the quality of some carer’s assessments   

What we are doing

We have taken carer’s views on board in revising our Carers Strategy, what you told us about outcomes being specific, measurable, achievable and time bound.

A revised Carers Strategy is being updated and will be available alongside our advice for carers once this is completed

We are also working with stakeholders to have more comprehensive information about advice, signposting and support for carers.

This is currently being developed and new information for carers will be available soon on Help and Support Manchester, our directory of services and support for Manchester residents. 

The results of the consultation have been fed into wider changes on transforming services for adults and carers with social care needs, which will lead to us doing some things differently, including improving the quality of carer's assessments. Committee reports give further information about these changes


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