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Consultations & surveys Consultation: how we fund youth and play services

The closing date for comments was 13 November 2015.

We currently work in partnership with many organisations, funding them to deliver services that help children and young people to have positive things to do outside of school, achieve their goals in life and move on to further study and successful work as they become adults.

We want to make sure that this work continues and improves, and we know that, alongside our spending, this means finding new funding. We also know that in the coming years we may need to make savings which could affect the money we have to spend on these services.

Some of the organisations we work with are able to get funding that councils can't, from the private sector, local businesses, charities and other sponsorships. We also know that for some potential funders, it’s important to them to know that they are providing financial support through an organisation that is an independent charity and devoted solely to making the most of the money they provide.

We would also support such an independent charity, to make sure that the money we spend on youth and play services can help attract other funding and that the money we do have is spent as far as possible on front line services for children and young people.

We propose to support the development and funding of a new youth and play ‘trust’. This would be a charity, supported by us but independent at the same time. The trust would 'commission' services by paying local providers to deliver youth and play services in your area, and be a champion for all children and young people in Manchester.

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