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Consultations & surveys Consultation: proposed changes to how we assess people and give personal budgets for social care and support

This consultation closed on 14 February.

We want to change our resource allocation system. This is what we call the way we:

  • assess you for social care and support
  • work out personal budgets.

We want your views on how we do things now and the proposed changes we would like to make.

The changes are in line with the law: The Care Act 2014. We want to improve on work we started in 2010, when we last consulted on assessments.

Proposed changes to the way we assess you

The way we do assessments at the moment often only focuses on the things that you are unable to do. We want to change that, and make the assessment process more flexible and personalised to you. We want to focus on the things you want to do and help you to achieve them.

We will still look at the things you need help with. But we will also look at how we can get you support to do the things you enjoy doing and be more involved in your local community.

Our proposals are:

  • to change the way we assess for personal budgets to make them more flexible for you
  • to encourage more people to take up a personal budget by making it a more beneficial and flexible option to support your needs
  • use what we call community assets as part of your support, so you feel part of your community and have a good week
  • make having a good week and doing things you enjoy part of your assessment.

Find out more about these proposals:

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