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The consultation

We are seeking the views of Manchester people on a key element of our plans to transform health and social care services in the Manchester.

Manchester’s Locality Plan – called a Healthier Manchester, is the plan for joining up – or integrating – health and social care services in Manchester. It contains three key things which will drive the transformation of these services, needed to keep our city healthy. 

These are interlinked, and they are:

  • a Single Commissioning System; 
  • a Single Local Care Organisation (LCO); and 
  • a Single Manchester Hospital service.

Both the Single Hospital Service and the Manchester LCO will span both community and hospital settings and will set out plans for how to treat people as close to home as possible.

The LCO will bring together community healthcare, primary care, mental health, some council services, some hospital services and the voluntary, community and independent sector to improve outcomes for people of this city. It will be the organisation, or partnership of organisations, which holds and delivers a single contract for out-of-hospital care in the future.

We are currently preparing to commission a LCO for Manchester and are seeking your views on our current plans as described in the draft LCO Prospectus.

In view of this, we are inviting Manchester residents to read the draft prospectus and comment on:
  • The scope of our vision – is it ambitious enough to meet the challenges we face? Is anything missing?
  • Delivering our plans – what is needed to achieve our vision? What challenges will we face?
  • The role of everyone – how can you, and others in Manchester, contribute to the delivery of our vision? 
  • The reality of integration – what would help you achieve more joined up services in your neighbourhood?
  • Is there anything missing from the draft prospectus?

Our vision for the LCO is set out in the short film below:

This consultation closed on 2 January 2017. Responses will be analysed and considered with a final version being presented to the Health and Wellbeing Board in January for confirmation and to agree next steps.

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