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Council Tax How much is my council tax?

Your property is in one of eight valuation bands. If you know which band your property is in find the current annual charge in the table below.

The Council Tax for 2013/14.

Valuation Band Council Tax Charge for the Property 2013/14
A £919.49
B £1072.75
C £1226.00
D £1379.24
E £1685.73
F £1992.24
G £2298.73
H £2758.48

If you don't know the band find it here: Council Tax valuation band

Appeal if you think your property is in the wrong valuation band

How to pay your Council Tax

Your Council Tax account online

Money off your bill (discounts and reductions)

Council Tax charges for empty properties and second homes 

Check Council Tax for previous years

Claim Council Tax Support if you have a low income.

More about Council Tax Support



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