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Council Tax Get money off your Council Tax bill

Discounts and reductions

You could get a discount if you:

  • live alone (the Single Person Discount)
  • live with people who aren't counted for Council Tax
  • live with people who qualify for a 'special discount'.

Get a discount on your Council Tax

If your home is adapted for a disabled person

Apply for a reduction if your home is adapted for a disabled person.

Away from home receiving or providing personal long-term care

You may not have to pay Council Tax while you are away from home.

Empty properties and second homes

There may be a brief period where there is nothing to pay. But we make charges if your property stays empty.

More about empty properties and second homes.

Armed Forces discount

If a property is left empty by a member of the armed forces who is on active service there is no Council Tax to pay.

Apply for an empty property discount


An exemption from Council Tax means there is no Council Tax to pay.

If the property is unoccupied it may be exempt indefinitely or just for a short period of time.

Some occupied properties are also exempt - it depends who lives there.

Read more about Council Tax exemptions

Council Tax Support

You could get Council Tax Support to help with the bill if you are unemployed or your household has a low income.

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