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Questions to The Executive

If you live, work or study in Manchester, you can ask a member of The Executive a question.

If you have tried to report a problem and it has not been resolved, please give us the opportunity to put things right by contacting the service responsible (listed below), or via Manchester City Council's Complaints Department.

General Enquiries - 0161 234 5000
Adult & Children's Services - 0161 234 5001
Council Tax - 0161 234 5002
Benefits - 0161 234 5003
Environmental Services - 0161 234 5004
Email all services -
Email complaints -

If you wish to continue and submit a question to The Executive, the answer will be published on Manchester City Council's website. If your question is of a personal nature (and providing an email address has been supplied) you will receive a personal response by email.

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