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Social services Consultation: Our all-age disability strategy

We’re writing a new disability strategy.

We’re basing it on the ‘social model of disability’. This is the idea that the way society is organised causes disability and creates barriers for people, not a person’s physical or mental impairment, illness or difficulty.

We want Manchester to be a city where we all work to remove those barriers so disabled people can access all areas of the city and all parts of city life. We want disabled people to be independent and equal in society, and have choice and control over their own lives. We’ve called the strategy ‘a proper Manchester welcome’ to show what we want for everyone who lives in, works in or visits Manchester.

This strategy is about challenging and changing attitudes. It’s about making sure everyone knows that disability is everyone’s responsibility. This strategy is not just for disabled people, it’s for everyone. It's for family, carers, friends, neighbours, employers, educators, decision makers, funders and planners.

In the past we’ve had different strategies for different age groups. This is the first time we’ve written a strategy to cover everyone, and we want your help to make sure we get it right.

We want the views of as many people and organisations as possible. But we particularly want to know what disabled Mancunians think.

Read a draft version of the strategy

This consultation closed on Friday 18 March.

If you need an alternative format such as Easy Read or Braille email with your name and address, say which format you want and we'll post it to you.

This strategy was discussed at the Communities Scrutiny Committee meeting on Wednesday 27 January. Read the reports and minutes or watch a video of the meeting.

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