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Commissioning and the Third Sector

Manchester City Council spends nearly £400m on supplies and services. Some of us these are services provided by the Third Sector particularly for Adult and Children's Services.

Commissioning is the whole cycle of assessing the needs of people in an area, designing and then securing an appropriate service to provide for those needs, followed by a review to inform future commissioning.

To find out about current tenders or to register your organisation and access contract opportunities for Manchester City Council, and the North West, please use  Manchester City Council's e-tendering Portal (The Chest).

To help third sector organisations understand Commissioning in Manchester a guide has been developed by the Manchester Partnership Working Group titled A Guide for Commissioning in Manchester with the Third Sector.

When decommissioning is considered various criteria needs to be taken into account and consultation will be undertaken so the process by which the Council reaches decisions is clear and transparent. This information is outlined in A Guide for Decommissioning - Basic Principals.

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