Manchester City Council

Health & wellbeing Services for people with HIV

Sign VideoThe council provides a range of services which includes the provision of carers to assist with personal care or daily living activities, adult placement, respite care and community alarm.

We can offer an assessment for people from abroad who are destitute and require support.

We also offer welfare rights advice.

How do I know if I'm eligible for services?

The service is available to adults, aged 18 - 64, who are HIV positive. Eligibility is determined by the council's Fair Access to Care Services criteria. For children who are infected or affected by HIV, we would refer them to Barnado's (external site) who provide advice and support.

What's the cost?

As with most of our services for adults and older people, there are charges for day care and home care etc. As part of your overall assessment, we do a financial assessment to determine your ability to pay. We explain all costs and agree them with you before any service is provided.

How do I apply?

We take referrals from the public via the Contact Service, from Manchester hospitals and the voluntary sector. We also provide a referral and advice service.

Who else can help?

There are many organisations who provide assistance and support

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