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Health & wellbeing Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2011

Manchester Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2011

For the most up-to-date information relating to Joint Strategic Needs Assesment (JSNA) please visit our JSNA pages.

In order to achieve the high quality services that Manchester people expect, we must have a full understanding of local needs.

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) has been developed by the Joint Health Unit in partnership with Manchester NHS, Children's Services, Adult Social Care and Manchester Local Involvement Network. It builds on some of the comprehensive needs assessment work already carried out in the city, including the Children and Young People's Plan and the various plans for Manchester NHS and Adult Social Care.

The JSNA has a strong focus on health and well-being. The JSNA is an important reference document that sets out the policy context and current situation in Manchester, followed by an analysis of local data and a series of recommendations based on available research evidence.

The JSNA is designed to influence the commissioning process across both health and social care. It is also expected to underpin the development and implementation of the Community Strategy and the Commissioning Strategic Plan (CSP) of NHS Manchester.

One of the next steps highlighted in the Manchester JSNA was the production of Locality JSNAs. This was in recognition of the fact that commissioning activities are increasingly being carried out at locality level and, for the JSNA to be most useful, it is vital that further analysis and interpretation of the data is also performed at locality level.  These Locality JSNAs have now been completed and are available to download.

The JSNA is divided as follows:

Chapter 3 outlines the current population needs, drivers for change and their likely impact. This chapter is split into five parts: 

Download the full Joint Strategic Needs Assessment document

There is a Public Summary available to download.

Manchester City Council's Corporate Research and Intelligence Team produce a series of ward profiles that incorporate a lot of the data in the Locality JSNAs.

More information about Joint Strategic Needs Assessments is available from the Department of Health website.

Other useful resources can be accesses through the Association of Public Health Observatories.

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