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Sports, leisure & the Arts Alexandra Park Regeneration Project


Thanks to £135,000 contribution from Sport England, £257,002 from the Lawn Tennis Association and The £202,834 from England and Wales Cricket Board, we have secured a total of £595,036 to improve the sporting offer and facilities in the park.

This contributes to the wider regeneration project and, along with funding from us and the Heritage Lottery Fund, supports the restoration of the park pavilion and the development of a cricket ground on the south oval.

These much needed facilities will increase participation in sport whilst improving the provision of outdoor sports facilities available to residents. New facilities will also be developed to support:

  • Cricket
  • Lacrosse
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Athletics/running

These will play a central role in providing new opportunities for recreational users and local clubs, encourage more people to play sport in a sustainable way, entice new volunteers into getting involved in sport and allow sports coaches to improve their skills. 

The Alexandra Park Community Sports Club/Sports Alliance is also being developed. Established and supported by the our Sports Development Team, this group will engage local clubs, schools and universities to provide increased opportunities for local residents, such as helping them participate in regular coaching and activity sessions, both as individuals and as part of a club.

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