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Greater Manchester Joint Waste Development Plan Document

Under the provisions of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 the ten unitary authorities in Greater Manchester agreed to produce a Joint Waste Development Plan Document (JWDPD) for Greater Manchester. The Greater Manchester authorities consider that this arrangement offers the most potential for efficient and effective working on detailed Waste planning matters.

Preparation of the JWDPD began in 2006 and included a number of consultation stages which have informed the approach to and content of the document. The JWDPD was submitted to the Secretary of State and underwent an independent examination during 2011, and following this the Planning Inspectorate confirmed that the JWDPD was sound and met all necessary legislative requirements.

The JWDPD sets out a spatial framework for waste developments within Greater Manchester up to 2027, helping to direct the provision of adequate waste management facilities to appropriate locations in the city region.

On 28th March 2012, Manchester City Council approved the adoption of the JWDPD and consequent changes to Manchester ’s Proposal Map from the 1st April 2012. As a result, from the 1st April 2012 the JWDPD became part of the statutory development plan for Manchester .

Copies of the Adoption Statement, the adopted Waste Plan, the Sustainability Appraisal and the Inspector’s Report are also available for inspection on the Waste Plan website at along with other background documents.

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