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Finsbury Park attack

Manchester is sharing its sympathy and our thoughts are with everyone affected by the Finsbury Park attack, especially those who have lost a loved one or been injured and traumatised.

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Planning & regeneration Core Strategy

Manchester's Core Strategy was adopted on 11th July 2012 and is the key Development Plan Document in the Local Development Framework (LDF). It replaces significant elements of the existing Unitary Development Plan as the document that sets out the long term strategic policies for Manchester's future development and will form the framework that planning applications will be assessed against.

Extant UDP policies can be downloaded here

You can download the adopted Core Strategy, the Interactive Proposals map and a PDF file of the Proposals Map and the Adoption Statement. The Proposals Map shows both Core Strategy and extant UDP.

Hard copies of the documents are available for inspection at the Council's Customer Service Centre at One First Street , at the junction of Albion Street and Whitworth Street West . The Service Centre is open from 8am-5pm between Monday and Friday.

These documents are also available to view online at Manchester libraries, via the publicly accessible computers. Opening times of Manchester libraries are at or by telephoning 0161 234 1983.


Manchester City Council adopted the Core Strategy Development Plan Document on 11th July 2012. The version which was adopted on this date contained typographical errors, set out in this table, which have now been corrected.  The Adopted Core Strategy available on the Council's website at and the hard copy available at the Council's Customer Service Centre at On First Street have both been amended to incorporate these corrections

Hearing sessions for the Independent Examination into Manchester 's Core Strategy took place in November 2011. Further information on the Examination process, including the Inspector's Report, can be viewed at

Core Strategy Examination Documents

You can view the evidence base documents supporting the Core Strategy when it was submitted to the Secretary of State on 18th July 2011 at This followed the Publication consultation stage in February and March 2011

The submission documents and evidence base can also be viewed (via CD) in Manchester libraries and at the Council's Customer Service Centre at One First Street, at the junction of Albion Street and Whitworth Street West. The Service Centre is open from 8am-5pm between Monday and Friday.

Work began on the Core Strategy in 2005 and the public and other stakeholders have been involved throughout the process. Comments received during the consultation process can be viewed via the planning policy Consultation Site

Email alerts
If you would like to register for email alerts to comment on the Core Strategy Development Plan Document please complete the online form on the Consultation page or, alternatively, contact the Planning Strategy team at the address below. From the Consultation page you can also see when consultations are being undertaken.

Please follow this link to find more pages giving information related to the Local Development Framework.

Planning Strategy Team
Manchester City Council
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