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We provide education, training and publicity on road safety, including:    

From Monday 21 October, Manchester will be included in an Autumn road safety campaign from the Department for Transport, aimed at both drivers and cyclists. The THINK! campaign focuses on four key messages:

  • Drivers, look out (for cyclists) when getting out
  • Cyclists, ride a door’s width from parked cars
  • Drivers, look out for cyclists at junctions
  • Cyclists, ride central on narrow roads

Manchester has been chosen because the city is one of five in the UK where the number of serious injuries to cyclists is high. The number of fatal accidents involving cyclists is also above the national average.

More and more people are cycling, which is great news, but in 2012 there were 118 cyclists tragically killed on UK roads. This campaign aims to raise awareness of how it's vital for drivers and cyclists alike to learn how to share the road, saving lives and making the roads safer.

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