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There are some great schemes and projects being run by schools, communities and other organisations across Manchester to improve road safety.  

Watch some of these short films below to give you some ideas about what you could do:

Heald Place Primary School

After experiencing problems with parking and the safety of children crossing the roads, this school asked local Police Community Support to come and talk to the children about road safety. The PCSOs also patrolled outside the school and worked with parents and the school to improve road safety standards and help educate parents and children.



Park and stride - Broadoak Primary School

In partnership with the charity Living Streets, this school negotiated to use a local tennis centre’s carpark for the school run drop off, and – having bought hi-vis vests for the children, now offers parents a ‘park and stride’ service to get their children to and from school each day. The benefits have been many: the traffic congestion is considerably less, it’s a safer option for parents, dropping the children of at a better location away from the busy junction, the children arrive on time and having had a little exercise away from the busy roads. Many parents also help with the walk, which in turn strengthens the local community.




There are many benefits to children cycling to school, including less vehicles congesting the roads around schools. quieter and safer roads. Watch this short film about bikeability training that is available to schools across the city through the organisation Bike Right. Hear how this training can remove key barriers to getting children cycling more often and provide them with the skills to cycle safely



Have you or your school come up with a creative solution to road safety issues?

Have you tried something new and seen the benefit?

If so, tell us about it so that we can share your ideas - get in touch email


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