Manchester City Council

Sports, leisure & the Arts Activities for people with a disability

What's it all about?

Manchester has a Disability Sport Development Manager who has a strategic responsibility for the development of sport provision for disabled people in the City. Sports Development works with partners to ensure there are accessible community sports programmes and clubs available for disabled people to access. We also ensure opportunities are created for Manchester residents to take part in sport at all levels.

Our aim is to create inclusive opportunities within mainstream sports clubs and support clubs who provide targeted activities for disabled people, these are underpinned by community programmes/clubs that offer adapted sports sessions that will allow individuals to play sport regardless of their ability.

CADS [Children's Able & Disabled Sport] is an inclusive school holiday programme that recognises disabled children can play sport, the programme brings disabled and non-disabled children together through sport regardless of their ability. 

For further details contact the Disability Sport Development Team on 0161 220 3856 or email

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