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Sports, leisure & the Arts Manchester Volunteer Sports Bureau

What's it all about?

The Manchester Volunteer Sports Bureau (MVSB) identifies, trains and deploys volunteers to support sport and physical activity within Manchester. The Bureau recruits people from all backgrounds, developing their skills and signposting them to opportunities within sports events, sports clubs, local communities and schools. There are hundreds of opportunities available with some of our main providers being Manchester City FC, British Cycling and Manchester Sports Event Team.

The Bureau is an online system of which participants can sign up to the service. Volunteers will work with sports development and during an induction process, will highlight their area of interest for volunteering as well as future employment, forming an online Personal Development Programme. From this data, the participants will be signposted to volunteering opportunities of their choice as well as being encouraged to redeploy into other volunteering activities. They will also be advised on relevant training and encouragement into future employment. The programme is delivered through Sport Education Team and access all education and community sectors across the city.

The Manchester Volunteer Sports Bureau (MVSB) is recognised as a leading project in the North West contributing to the 2012 Olympics & Paralympic Programme, of which has created a lasting legacy towards volunteering within Manchester.

For more information and to register, please visit the Manchester Volunteer Sports Bureau website. (external site) 

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