Manchester City Council

The Council & democracy Economy and employment statistics

The Intelligence Hub and Intelligence Hub Analysis Tool - ward statistics and guidance about procurement, commissioning, research and external data sources

Economic Dashboard
Monthly report on Manchester's economy

I03. Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) 2016
2016 data for Manchester

I04. Manchester Economic factsheet
Summary statistics

I05. Local Gross Value Added (2015)
GVA 2015 for Manchester

I06 Annual Population Survey (APS), January to December 2016
Summary results

I07. Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2016
Resident and workplace analysis

I10. National Insurance Number registrations to overseas nationals, 2016/17 v1.1
Summary for Manchester and its parliamentary constituencies

I14. Greater Manchester Forecasting Model 2017 - Manchester
Summary of GMFM economic forecasts for Manchester

I18. Business Demography: Enterprise Births and Deaths 2015
Start-ups and closures of firms in Manchester

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