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Councillor Sheila Newman

Our sympathies are with the family and friends of Councillor Sheila Newman, Executive Member for Children’s Services and current Lady Mayoress of Manchester, who passed away on Sunday.

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Taxis & private hire Become a licensed hackney carriage or private hire driver in Manchester

Stage 2: application accepted, stage 3: DBS certificate & stage 4: application review

Stage 2: application accepted – payment required 

Once the officer is satisfied that all the paperwork is valid the application will be accepted.  

You will be sent a link via email to make the relevant payment on-line.

Stage 3: DBS certificate

Once your payment has been made the application will then be fully processed and we will send the competed DBS form on to the DBS Agency.

The DBS service do not send certificates to us, therefore you, the applicant must, as soon as the certificate is received YOU MUST sign into the DBS checking service (see DBS web for details) before then sending the original certificate to us, address is:

The Taxi Licensing Team, PO Box 532, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 2LA or alternatively drop the DBS certificate at the Customer Service Centre.

Stage 4: application review  

Once we receive the DBS certificate, an officer will review the information in the certificate and either: 

  • forward the application to the test team; or
  • advise the applicant that the application needs to be considered further by either the Licensing and Appeals Sub-Committee or a Senior Officer Licensing Panel. 

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