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SMALL GRANTS Guidance Notes

CASH grants are available for ward based activity where groups want to make local areas more attractive, cleaner, safer and a better place to live. 

For information or an application form contact your local Regeneration Officer or the Regeneration Team either by telephone: 0161 234 3159 or by email:

General principles of applying for Third Sector Team small grants:

  • Make sure you have the correct application form.
  • Look at the application form to see if a deadline applies.
  • Discuss with your group what you want to do and get costings.
  • If your group does not yet have a bank account there is an option  of using an already established community group to act as a referee to receive and manage funding on your behalf.  If you have a problem identifying a suitable local group then contact the Third Sector Team for advice.
  • Complete every section on the application form or write 'not applicable'. Make sure the form is signed and keep a copy.
  • In some cases applications can be made by email or online, however if additional documents are required, these also need to be sent either by email or post.

The different small grant programmes support and give priority to projects:

  • Involving local residents in improving the appearance and knowledge of the local area.
  • Actively addressing the problem of crime or the perception of crime.
  • Increasing confidence and skills and offering opportunities for local people to get involved.
  • Strengthening relationships between people from different communities and/or ages and improving the wellbeing of residents.

Note: that some organisations or projects are not eligible for small grants:

  • Organisations and projects outside Manchester.
  • Commercial groups, social enterprises or local branches of national charities.
  • Projects which duplicate existing provision or services.
  • Groups that do not include or represent local residents or have open access for membership.
  • Groups where individual members will benefit financially from a grant.

and some things cannot be funded by these small grants ........

  • Staff salaries and ongoing costs of established projects.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Services for individual benefit such as private counselling, professional legal advice, personal therapy,  personal education courses or tuition.
  • Parties or events that are not open or accessible to the wider community.
  • Purchase of alcohol or gambling activities.
  • Trips or activities outside of Manchester.
  • Activities of a religious or political nature.
  • Activities that have already taken place.
  • Improvements to unadopted roads.
  • Projects that fall within statutory sector responsibility.

Who to ring for more information:

For enquiries about making a Small Grant application, or advice on the type of things that can be funded, contact the Third Sector Policy and Grants Team:

Telephone: 0161 234 3141


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