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Revenue Funding

The Third Sector Team manages a central revenue investment programme.  A budget of approximately £2 million is led by funding strategies that support community and voluntary sector activity in the following areas:

  • Community Centres and Associations
  • Equalities Projects
  • Infrastructure Support for the voluntary and community sectors

A Best Value review of Voluntary Sector Policy and Funding took place in 2003. This concluded that direct services should not be funded centrally from the Chief Executives department. This review continues to drive the way in which the central revenue funding is allocated. It is not used to fund service specific work but provides support for cross cutting work led by strategies developed through consultation with the relevant sectors.

Funding is allocated on a three-year basis following an application process. A full list of supported projects follows:


The purpose of this programme is to provide funding to community associations in relation to the level of activity that the centre undertakes. The funding strategy identified a range of eligible activities that can be supported through this fund:

  • Provision of community centre premises. The premises must be openly available to all local community and interest groups. The Community Association should have a policy that gives local community groups and activities a priority in using the centre.
  • Delivery of services or activities directly to residents, where the service or activity would not be eligible for funding from any City Council service departments.
  • Development, support or co-ordination of other local groups.
  • Local community regeneration, where the association is actively involved in local regeneration and thematic partnership work for, and on behalf of, their local community and are valid representatives of local interests.

You can now view the Community Association Programme for 2013 - 2016.  



Manchester City Council has worked for the past 25 years to ensure that all of Manchester’s communities are treated fairly and get on well together. We invest £47m every year in a variety of community and voluntary groups. Some of this money is used to commission services from these groups and some is grant funding that supports the valuable work these groups carry out.

The Equalities Funding Programme is worth £660,000 per year and provides grants of up to £40,000 per year to voluntary and community sector groups to deliver projects to communities, which address inequalities faced by sections of the community in Manchester.

These inequalities could be based on age, disability, sex, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership issues, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief (or lack of religion or belief) and sexual orientation.

The Equalities Funding Programme for 2013 - 16 was launched on 15th November 2012 with a closing date of 31st January 2013. We received 78 applications that was in excess of £2.5million in the first year alone.

Each application was considered by three different officers from the Communities and Inclusion Team and scores were awarded for the following three considerations:

  • How well the proposal contributed to the priorities of the programme and the priorities of the Manchester Board.
  • The outputs and outcomes that the proposed project would deliver.
  • How well the applicant organisation is governed and managed.

After each application had been scored and ranked, a separate panel of officers looked at the overall balance of the fund to ensure the City Council was supporting an adequate range of projects across different communities.

You can now view the successful applicants with a project summary which have been funded.

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