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There are issues with some mobile phone networks reaching our contact centre, we are working with the networks to fix this. There are no issues with land lines or the website.


People & communities Support for children and young people looked after by the Council

Manchester Children's Rights Service

The Children's Rights Service is a service for Children and young people. Any child or young person who is looked after by Manchester City Council. We can support young people from the age of 0 - 24.

  • We can help make sure that young people are listened to.
  • We can assist young people to make a complaint.
  • We can help young people understand their rights.
  • We can tell young people about other services that might be able to help them.
  • We can help young people become involved in participation events so they can have their say about issues which are of importance to them.
  • When a referral is made whereby a young person cannot express their wishes and feelings due to being of a very young age or severely disabled we will advocate for what their rights are and ensure their rights are not violated but implemented on their behalf.

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