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Find out if your bin collection is changing

Manchester City Council is announcing a new bin collections calendar, following a major boost to the city’s recycling rates.

Manchester’s recycling rate has increased from less than 32 per cent in 2015/16 to a projected 40 per cent in 2017/18.

With less waste now going into Manchester’s grey rubbish bins and more people recycling waste, the Council needs to change its collection rounds so that the increased amount of recycling can be collected more efficiently.

The frequency of household collections is not changing. Grey and recycling bins will still be collected on alternate weeks.

However, a minority of households’ collection days will be changing from Monday 31 July. After the city’s current collections calendar ends, around 17 per cent of households will be given a new day to put out their bins for collection.

All affected households will receive a copy of their new calendar, while residents whose collection day is due to change will also receive a letter in the post to keep them informed.

During the changeover to the new calendar, a small percentage of city households will have a one-off longer wait for their next collection.  The Council will contact those affected to explain the arrangements for collecting extra rubbish.

Manchester’s increase in recycling rates has helped the city save more than £7million in waste- disposal costs by this autumn, and there could be even higher annual savings possible in future if the recycling rate can be further improved further.

To check your next collection dates, go to

Councillor Nigel Murphy, Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “I want to thank all Manchester's residents for their efforts to recycle more. There’s always more that we can do as a city to push our recycling rates higher, but by working together, we are already on course to avoid £7million in needless waste-disposal costs.

“Residents' recycling efforts have made such a big difference that we now have to update our collection patterns, to make sure that all the extra recycling is collected efficiently.

“I’d like to reassure residents that there will be no change to the frequency of their collections, - and that measures are in place to minimise any inconvenience as we move to the new pattern.”


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