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The Council & democracy News - August issue

How we listen and work with you

This week we’re looking at how vital your council tax is to the Council’s finances and the services you use.

So watch out all week on the Council’s Twitter and Facebook for the things your council tax funds, and share some of the great work public service staff do and get an idea of the kinds of enquiries we handle every day.

We have to collect council tax, but by listening to residents and working with you, we can make sure it’s spent wisely, and on things that matter to you.

So this year we set a three-year budget, based on careful consultation with residents who told us what matters to them:

  • Improving and repairing our roads
  • Supporting our most vulnerable adults
  • Looking after our children and their education
  • Helping our residents to get into work and find good jobs.

We want to show you where the money goes and introduce some of the people who help to run the Council.

We’ll look at what happens when you call our phone lines, meet us face to face, or get in touch through our website. We’ll introduce the staff who handle almost 1.5million customer enquiries and requests each year. These people are the backbone of the Council. They help support and listen to you – our residents.

Finally, we’ll detail some of the support our most vulnerable people get from council-tax funding and how we finance the local services that keep our city going, and growing.

We collect 93% of all council tax owed within the financial year it’s due, with the vast majority of residents paying on time, every time. Thank you, because your council tax contributes to other crucial public services – such as the police and fire services – that keep us safe, as well as the transport systems that keep our city moving.

See you on Manchester City Council’s Twitter and Facebook pages all this week!

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