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How we spend our budget after listening to you

Our budget reflects what people said matters most in consultation. Bins, clean streets and fly-tipping were top priorities and take up about 12% of our budget spending. See how it’s spent.

This week, the Council staff who proudly look after our neighbourhoods are using social media to take you behind the scenes to show how they:

  • make sure 30million bins are emptied each year
  • collect 60,000 tonnes of recycling each year
  • track down the fly-tippers and get them to court.


Household waste and recycling

We’ll empty residents’ bins about thirty million times next year, which will cost about £15.5million.

Disposing of the non-recyclable waste in those bins will cost some £34.5million, but you can help reduce that. For every 1% increase in recycling, the disposal cost falls by over half a million pounds.

We’re already recycling more than ever – from under 32 per cent in 2015/16, to more than 50 per cent this year for those with their own wheelie bins.

That’s 30 per cent less waste now going into Manchester’s grey rubbish bins for non-recyclable waste, avoiding more than £7million in waste-disposal costs.

Many thanks if you’re already helping with the 60,000 tonnes of recycling we hope to collect this year – you’re saving the Council money for the services people tell us they care about, such as parks, social services and libraries.

You can help save more. See which recycling bin to use.


Litter and fly-tipping

People made it clear in our consultation that they care what our streets and neighbourhoods look like. Many are proud of what they already do to help keep their area looking good.

Litter and fly-tipping aren’t just an insult to people who care and make an effort – they also drain resources from essential services.

So, since 2016, we’ve invested in a permanent, dedicated fly-tipping action team to investigate the ‘grot spots’ you report, find evidence, and prosecute offenders.

So far this year there have been 2,353 littering fines, and 67 fly-tippers have cost offenders over £25,000. We’ve also used legal notices to get 174 untidy plots of land cleared up.

If you see someone doing the wrong thing, please report it at


See you on Manchester City Council’s Twitter and Facebook pages all this week!

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