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The Council & democracy News - January issue

Manchester people are helping create a world-class city

Manchester is on track to be a world city in the next decade, as competitive as the best with a dynamic, sustainable economy.

One reason for that is our highly skilled, enterprising and industrious people. Already, 40 per cent of our residents are skilled to degree level.

Not only that:

  • we're getting more university students staying in our city once they graduate
  • more of our residents are getting qualifications
  • the number of jobs in the city is growing steadily
  • more businesses are starting up in Manchester
  • fewer people are claiming out-of-work benefits.

And as we open up more opportunities for all Manchester residents to get into good jobs, and to progress at work, we're getting closer to realising our vision for Manchester's economy - an economy that rewards all our residents, whatever their background and wherever they live in our city.

But we know from talking to and listening to you that you want us to do more.

All this week on Facebook and Twitter we'll be showing you what we're doing.

See how we focus on upping the skills of our residents so they're ready to compete for the better-paid, higher-skilled jobs that local employers are creating.

Plug yourself into the services that we're investing in, services that will put our city - and our residents - ahead of the game, so they're better equipped for the promising future that Manchester is working towards.

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