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There are issues with some mobile phone networks reaching our contact centre, we are working with the networks to fix this. There are no issues with land lines or the website.


Homes & property Report rough sleeping and beggars

If you’ve seen someone sleeping rough or needs our support in Manchester then contact us.

We can support people best if they are given help to move away from the streets. Below provides advice and links to organisations who can help and support individuals:  

  • Rough sleepers - if you know someone is sleeping rough telephone the Rough Sleepers team on 0161 234 5339 or email we need the location, a basic description together with a date and time. We will arrange for an outreach worker to visit the site and speak with the individual. We will provide advice, support and give access to emergency accommodation. We will also let you know the outcome;
  • Persons committing an offence - such as begging, causing damage or other anti-social behaviour telephone 101 (Greater Manchester Police non-emergency number) or report it to us on 0161 234 4612, email If the person is sleeping rough they will be referred to the Rough Sleepers team – contact details above, we will also let you know the outcome;
  • Rough sleepers committing an offence - if you believe the person committing the offence is a rough sleeper, please contact 101 (police non emergency number) or report it to us on 0161 234 4612 or email  we investigate and take action to deal with the anti social behaviour. We will ensure that support is given to the rough sleeper from our Rough Sleepers team, we will also let you know the outcome; or
  • Person unwell or in distress - if you are aware of a rough sleeper who appears to be either unwell or in distress, please call 999. Our teams work closely with each other and GMP - we will ensure that the appropriate action is taken to your enquiry and we will let you know the outcome.

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