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Your key worker

Your key worker will spend more time with you and get to know you so you’ll be able to tell them about personal things. As well as sorting out any problems and making sure you’re okay, they’ll help you understand the rules so you can get along with everyone.

Your Key Worker won’t be there all the time. The work shifts, so they’ll be there at different times on different days. But there’ll always be someone there who can spend time with you and listen to what you have to say.

Every week, you’ll have ‘one-to-one time’ with your key worker. This is time alone when you can tell them about anything that’s on your mind, about how you feel and how you’re getting on. It’s not just there to talk about things you’re worried or unhappy about. We know it’s really important to share good news with people too, like good marks at school or making new friends.

Your key worker will talk to your social worker about how things are going and help arrange for you to see family and friends. The team at the children’s home will make plans for you to get to school every day with the right uniform, kit and equipment. They’ll make sure that you get time and space for your homework and keep up with your interests, including clubs and teams. They’ll also make sure that you get regular check-ups at the doctor, dentist and optician so you stay healthy.

They will also make a plan for you.

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