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The person in charge of your review - your independent reviewing officer

The person who runs the meeting is called the ‘independent reviewing officer’ – the IRO for short. The ‘independent’ part is important – it means they’re not involved in looking after you in any other way, so they can step back and look at things fairly.

You can call or email your IRO and they’ll make sure they reply. They’ll also visit or call you before and after your Review.

The IRO must listen carefully to what you think and feel about your Care Plan. We really want you to get involved. If you don’t want to come to the review, you can complete a booklet called ‘Have Your Say’ to tell us what you want us to know. You can also ask a children’s rights officer to go to the review to speak up for you. The IRO is there to make sure that people follow the Plan and do what they’re supposed to.

This is your chance to help make choices in your own life.

They must:

  • make sure that everyone -especially you- is treated fairly at the meeting and gets a chance to say what they want to
  • check that the plans made for you actually take place
  • make sure that all the important things in your life are talked about
  • make sure that the choices made at the meeting are the right ones for you.

The IRO will write a short report on your Review Form, saying what’s been decided at the Review and what everyone has to do to make it happen.

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