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What a Coram Voice worker can do for you

They can try to help if:

  • you feel nobody is listening to you
  • choices are being made that you're not happy with
  • you want something in your life to change but you don't know where to start.

They'll come and meet you somewhere safe - you can choose - and talk to you about what's upsetting you. They'll help you make a plan to deal with things.

If you want, they can talk to other people for you, like your social worker, and tell you what’s been said. They can tell people what you want to happen or help you to tell them yourself. They can come to meetings with you or help you to make a complaint.

Coram Voice can tell you how to get involved in activities and events they organise. They can also support young people in getting involved in the Care to Change Group. This is a meeting where young people meet with other young people in care and have their say about things which are important to them.

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Was this page helpful?