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When you will move in

When you and everyone else feel you’re ready. When you move to your new family, you can take all your toys and everything that’s special to you – as well as your Life Story Book and Memory Box. Your social worker will still come and see how you’re getting on, to make sure you are happy living with your new family.

Your adoption day

When you’ve lived with your new family for a while, a very special and important day will come – your adoption day. You and your new family will go to Court, where – if everything’s going well – the Judge will decide that being adopted by your new family is the best thing for you, and make an ‘adoption order’.

This means the law says you’re part of your new family, your last name will change to theirs, and there’ll be no more visits from social workers or trips to Court.

You will probably have a party or do something special to celebrate. Some families celebrate this day every year, so you’ll always have an adoption day as well as a birthday.

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