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Our treatment charges

Please note: If you pay for the wrong treatment, for example, rat treatment but you have mice, the session will not take place. You will need to call 0161 234 4928 to book a new appointment for the right pest and a refund will be arranged, this will delay the process, so please ensure you identify the right pests

The following charges include VAT:

  • Ants - £57 (per treatment inside the home)  
  • Bed Bugs - from £95 (survey to be processed before treatment can start, this is free of charge). Please note if you live in a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) these are classed as commercial properties, all rooms need to be treated at the same time, please contact your landlord, as they will make the appointment.
  • Beetles - £70 (per treatment)
  • Cockroaches - £82 (for a comprehensive course of treatments)
  • Fleas - £76 (per treatment)
  • Mice - £69 (for a comprehensive course of treatments)
  • Rats - £32 (for a comprehensive course of treatments, either inside or outside)
  • Squirrels - £136 (for a comprehensive course of treatments)
  • Wasps - £58 (per treatment)
  • All other pests - contact us for a quote

We will take the payment by credit or debt card when you contact us to make the appointment. If you rent your property, then your landlord may pay the charges, please note this doesn't apply to all tenanted properties, when you book an appointment we will advice if you need to pay for the treatment.

Get rid of pests at your home.

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Was this page helpful?