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Where do I go to collect my dog?

Your lost dog should be collected from Manchester Dogs' Home. When collecting your dog you will be required to pay a fee of £80 (charges are subject to change). They may also charge for other costs incurred whilst caring for the dog. 

If your dog has been picked up at night or weekend and is temporarily in the care of the Animal Wardens, you may wish to pay for the dog to be returned to you, instead of it being taken to Manchester Dogs' Home the next day. Charges would be by agreement with Animal Wardens.

When collecting your dog from Manchester Dogs' Home you will need to take with you proof of:

  • Identity - a document with your name on and either your signature or photograph, for example a passport, driving licence, credit card, cheque card; and
  • Address - a document not more than 4 weeks old with your name and address on, for example a gas, electric, telephone, water, council tax bill or a bank, building society or credit card statement.

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Was this page helpful?