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The Manchester Union workhouse was originally situated in New Bridge Street (built 1792), but when this building proved inadequate for its purpose a new workhouse was built in Crumpsall in 1855 on a site adjacent to the Prestwich Union Workhouse just north of Crescent Road.

The aged and infirm remained at New Bridge Street until 1875 when an Infirmary was opened with the workhouse at Crumpsall. However the head offices and a small residential unit remained at New Bridge Street. Destitute people would apply for relief there before they were sent to either the Infirmary or the Workhouse. We hold creed registers for New Bridge Street Workhouse, 1881-1911 (on microfilm 1881-1899, MFPR 1999, MF 3009, MF 3042-3043 or on-line at findmypast) 1912-1914 (ref: Archives GB127.M4/11/17-31).

By 1930 the Manchester Union Workhouse had become known as Crumpsall Institution. It was renamed Park House Hospital in 1939, and with the introduction of the National Health Services in 1948, became Springfield Hospital. The Infirmary later became known as Crumpsall Hospital. In 1972 the Springfield Hospital and Crumpsall Hospital amalgamated with Delaunay's Hospital to form Manchester General Hospital.

We hold some records for Crumpsall Workhouse and Hospital (ref: Archives GB127.M326). Please note no records of inmates survive prior to 1907. However a small proportion of inmates in Crumpsall can be found in the New Bridge Street creed registers 1881-1914 (see above).

For a history of the hospital see Susan Hall and D.L. Perry, Crumpsall Hospital: "The Story of a Hundred Years, 1876-1976" (Upjohn and Bottomley,1976) which is held by us (362.11Ha). For a history of the workhouse see Mark Greenwood Springfield Hospital: The Human History, 1855-1995 (Manchester Health Authority, 1997), also held by us (362.21Gr).

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