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Roads, parking & transport Appeal against a ticket or fine

Appeal a bus lane fine

How do I appeal?

Only the registered owner of the vehicle can appeal under one of the following categories:

  • the alleged contravention did not occur - You can see a photo of the incident (allow 24 hours) to help determine this.
  • you have received a fixed penalty notice from the Police for the same contravention; (we will inform you which ticket will be upheld. Both cannot be pursued)
  • you were not the owner of the vehicle on the date the notice was issued;
  • you are vehicle rental company;
  • the vehicle was under the control of a vehicle trader who signed a PCN accepting responsibility whilst the vehicle is in their control;
  • the vehicle was taken without consent;
  • the penalty charge exceeds the relevant amount;
  • other.

Stage 1

  • you should pay the fine or
  • appeal the fine, by completing the
  • we will review your case and if the appeal is successful, we will cancel the fine and, depending on how you appealed, confirm via email or letter;
  • if your appeal is rejected, we allow 14 days from the date of our response to pay the reduced charge of £30.

Stage 2

  • If you are unhappy with our response, we will send you a Notice of Rejection letter and you can then appeal online to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT).
  • if you choose to appeal to the TPT, you will no longer be offered the opportunity to pay the reduced fine of £30

The TPT is an independent organisation. A lawyer will examine your case and any decision that is made is final and binding on both sides.

Stage 3 - Charge Certificate

If at the end of 28 days you have not paid or appealed the fine we will issue a Charge Certificate and increase the penalty.

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Was this page helpful?