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Roads, parking & transport Residents' and visitors' parking permits

About the permits

In certain areas of the city, local residents are required to use a permit to enable them to park near their homes.

  • A resident permit is issued for one vehicle only, and can only be used in that vehicle.

Residents can also apply for a visitor permit, which is issued to a specific address and can be used by any vehicle with the residents consent, check each scheme as not all allow visitors permits.

The following areas within Manchester have been designated resident parking zones:

Resident parking terms and conditions apply when using permits, which vary from scheme to scheme. Some schemes also carry a charge.

Please make sure you have read these conditions before applying for a permit or renewing/replacing an existing one.

Permits must always be displayed when the vehicle occupies a parking place during the restricted hours, failure to display a permit may result in a parking ticket being issued.

Blue badge holders are permitted to park on any of the roads currently under a residents' parking scheme as long as they operate under the blue badge guidelines.

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