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Manchester City Council first carried a resolution declaring the City a nuclear free zone in November 1980. Many local authorities followed Manchester's example and a national nuclear free local authorities (NFLA) organisation, under the City's leadership, was set up.

Presently over 75 councils across the UK support NFLA policy work coordinated by a secretariat hosted by Manchester City Council.

NFLA work is directed towards improving public and environmental protection. These objectives are pursued in practical ways by engaging with civil society, wider local government, government departments, national and devolved administrations, European institutions, regulatory bodies, industry and other organisations in the nuclear field.

Current NFLA priorities include

  • identifying nuclear hazards and making proposals about how to reduce and eliminate them
  • pressing for existing binding international agreements to reduce and eliminate nuclear weapons to be fulfilled
  • helping government find the most publicly acceptable ways to manage the country's nuclear waste legacy
  • promoting safe and sustainable alternatives to nuclear power
  • increasing openness, transparency and public accountability over all areas of UK nuclear policy and practice
  • ending avoidable nuclear waste transportation within the country and to and from the country

Local government has a responsibility to promote public safety, preserve the environment and inform the public. Nuclear Free Local Authorities provide a service to local authorities with information and advice that empowers them to engage confidently at a national level on the priorities identified above.


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