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Councillor Sheila Newman

Our sympathies are with the family and friends of Councillor Sheila Newman, Executive Member for Children’s Services and current Lady Mayoress of Manchester, who passed away on Sunday.

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The Council & democracy Green and blue infrastructure

Manchester’s great outdoors – a green and blue infrastructure strategy for Manchester

Gardens, golf courses, parks, allotments, woods, ponds and canals - Manchester’s great outdoors has something for everybody, and will play a huge role as the City grows and thrives over the coming years. These spaces will provide a kind of life support system for the City. Great places for health and recreation, havens for wildlife, a backdrop for investment and so much more. 

Our green and blue spaces (Green Infrastructure or GI for short) have been the focus of an exciting, innovative and extensive new strategy that aims to highlight their incredible value and functionality.  

Working together with a range of partners and employing cutting edge technology backed up by an extensive evidence base, for the first time ever we have started to qualify and quantify the extent and value of the City’s Green Infrastructure.

We have developed a long term vision that will be realised over the next ten years; a vision that will see Manchester as a truly Green City with Green Infrastructure at it’s heart.

View the Green and blue strategy and action plan.

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