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Home Energy Loan Plan (HELP)

If you are a homeowner, or rent from a private landlord, you could get a grant for free, or discounted, energy efficiency improvements to make your home more comfortable and cut your heating bills.

But if the grant doesn't cover everything you want to do, you could get an interest-free loan to help you pay for the rest.

The Home Energy Loan Plan (HELP) could pay for energy-efficiency work like a new heating system, draught-proofing, loft and wall insulation, and new windows if yours are over five years old.

Or use it to replace an old expensive-to-run boiler with a new energy-efficient one.

How do you apply for HELP?

You can apply for the Home Energy Loan Plan if you are a homeowner living in Manchester, and your whole household has an income of less than £35,000 a year gross (before tax and any other deductions).

If your household has an income of more than £35,000 you may still qualify if you have a severe need for a new boiler or a new heating system.

To apply, contact Manchester Care and Repair.


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