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Homes & property Energy efficiency: advice and checks

Top tips to help you save!

Make your home easier and cheaper to heat - and help prevent climate change too.

  • Turn your heating down by just one degree; it can reduce your fuel bill by 10%;
  • Fit a hot water cylinder jacket on your tank, and insulate all hot water pipes;
  • Get an energy-efficient boiler - it can save £180 a year;
  • Insulate your home - your loft should have at least 250mm (10 inches) of insulation to stop heat escaping;
  • Use a draught-proofing seal on doors and windows;
  • Use low energy bulbs - they're cheaper to run and last much longer;
  • Draw the curtains when it goes dark to keep in the warmth;
  • Look out for the energy-saving logo when you shop for new appliances like a washing machine or fridge;
  • Take a shower instead of a bath - it uses just a third of the water;
  • Don't leave your TV and other electric appliances on stand-by, switch them off;
  • Making a brew? Only boil the amount of water you need - cuppas taste better when they're made with fresh water;
  • Switch off the lights in rooms you're not using;
  • Save in the kitchen; put lids on saucepans and use just enough water to cover the food; use a microwave to cook small meals; defrost your freezer regularly, so it doesn't have to work so hard.

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