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Homes & property Energy efficiency: generate your own energy at home

Renewable energy

Generating energy at home from renewable sources helps the environment, and puts you in control. It can earn you money too!

'Renewable' energy like this produces much less CO2 and other greenhouse gases than conventional methods.

There are government grants available for most technologies including solar, wind, geothermal and biomass/wood burners. You could also get help through the Home Energy Loan Plan scheme (contact Manchester Care & Repair). 

Solar powered

Wind speeds in urban areas are often too low to make small-scale domestic turbines worthwhile. So solar-powered water offers a more attractive return on your investment especially if you use a lot of hot water and rely on electricity, oil or liquid petroleum gas. More than 80,000 solar water systems have already been installed in the UK including one on Manchester's own eco house.

For more information call your local energy efficiency advice centre on 0800 512012 or 0161 242 5819.

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