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How we can help you

The Ardwick Connect Team can help support you through difficult times you may be facing. We give practical help and advice on everything from money worries to feeling fed up. Whatever you're struggling with, we'll do our best to help.

We can help you:  

  • Manage your money and debts - Make your money go further and reduce your outgoings.
  • Improve your family and social life - Resolve problems and stay healthy, find out about activities in your area and make new friends.
  • Find answers to benefits and housing queries - Make sure you are claiming what you're entitled to.
  • Get back into work - Get advice and help to find the right training, voluntary work or a new job.
  • Improve your confidence and help you feel better about yourself - We're here to support you and help you cope better and feel happier.

Can I get support?

To be eligible for support you must:  

  • Live in Ardwick (e.g. Higher Ardwick, Brunswick , Coverdale, West Gorton, Grove Village )
  • Be aged between 18-65
  • Be out of work or about to lose your job
  • Have a child under the age of five

What should I do next?

Call us on 0161 234 5922 to speak with a member of The Ardwick Connect Team.

Please note: if you are referring someone else, you must have their consent to do so.

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