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The Albert Hall

Application Reference Number:

Applicant name:
Zecol Limited

Premises name and address:
The Albert Hall, Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QJ

Application type:
Premises Licence Variation

The purpose of this application is to temporarily vary the premises licence to permit licensable activities to continue until 05:00 on 2 January 2016 (trading hours of 1 January 2016), plus 1 hour dispersal.

This is for a one off New Year’s Day event, and as such the variation shall apply only to the early hours of 2 January 2016. After this date, the licence shall revert to its state prior to the grant of this application.

Proposed trading hours for the sale of alcohol for consumption both on and off the premises:
Fri 01/01/16: from (0800 to 0400) to (0800 - 0500)

Proposed trading hours for the provision of regulated entertainment (Performance of plays; Exhibition of films; Indoor sporting events; Live music; Recorded music; Performances of dance; Anything similar to live music, recorded music or the performance of dance):
Fri 01/01/16: from (0800 to 0400) to (0800 - 0500)

Proposed trading hours for the provision of Late night refreshment:
Fri 01/01/16: from (2300 to 0400) to (2300 - 0500)

Proposed opening hours:
Fri 01/01/16: from (0800 to 0430) to (0800 - 0600)

This application is solely in respect only of The Albert Hall. There will be no extended hours traded in Alberts Schloss.

All the conditions attached to the premises licence will be adhered to through the extension. 

Representations shall be made in writing on or before 17 December 2015.

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