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Projekt 42



Applicant Name:

Mikado Coral International Limited

Premises Address:

Projekt 42, Basement And Ground Floor, 42 Charles Street, Manchester, M1 7DB

Application Type:

Premises Licence Minor Variation

Proposed licensable activities to be carried on at the premises:

The application requests to add the following conditions to the

1. A screen shall be in the entrance showing the head and shoulder shots being recorded by CCTV.
2. A fully functioning knife arch shall be installed within the front entrance doorframe of the premises. The knife arch will be operational during the hours of licensable activities. All persons entering the premises must pass through the knife arch.
3. Hand-held metal detectors to be operated by door supervisors monitoring the front entrance at all times and used on all patrons; door supervisors at the rear exit will also operate hand-held metal detectors when customers are being readmitted to the premises from the smoking area.
4. SIA registered door staff shall be employed on a ratio of 1:100 with a minimum of 2 on duty at any one time. Door staff must be provided by an ACS accredited company and shall be employed on the premises at all times they are open to public. The level of SIA registered staff shall continually be risked assessed and increased if necessary.
5. At the close of premises 2 doorstaff will remain outside the premises for at least thirty minutes to assist with the orderly dispersal of patrons.
6. An ID clubscan or equivalent (to the same standard) shall be operated at the premises. All customers' identification documents are shall be checked via the system before being allowed access to the premises. Any person refusing to comply shall be refused access to the premises.
7. An effective search policy (agreed with GMP) shall be implemented.
8. A conspicuous and legible notice shall be displayed near the entrance of the premises advising that any customer who refuses to be searched shall be refused entry.
9. Staff will be trained (and undergo regular 4 monthly refresher training) in respect of the sale of alcohol/drunkenness/drugs/disorder etc such training sessions to be documented and records made available
to authorised persons from responsible authorities.
10. Any person who tries to gain entry to the premises who is involved in disorderly conduct or anti-social behaviour outside the premises shall not be permitted entry to the premises. The premises licence holder or DPS shall ensure that any person within the premises who is involved in disorderly conduct or anti-social behaviour inside the
premises shall be removed from the premises.
11. Management shall not allow to enter or allow to remain in the premises any person who is notified to the DPS by GMP as being a person of bad character by way of association to other persons or by convictions at court.
12. When the premises are being used for externally promoted events then GMP shall be notified at least 28 days prior to the event taking place in order that a risk assessment is carried out by the DPS in relation to any such event.

There are no changes to the licensable hours or activities.

End of Consultation Date:

5 February 2015

Representations shall be made in writing on or before the above date to:

Premises Licensing Team
Level 1 Town Hall Extension
Albert Square
PO Box 532
M60 2LA

It is an offence to knowingly or recklessly make a false statement in connection with an application under the Licensing Act 2003. The offence is subject to a maximum fine of £5000 on summary conviction.
An electronic copy of this application is available in pdf format on request to the Licensing Unit. Please email Alternatively, the  application is available for inspection at the above office by appointment only.

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