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Subway, Portland Street

Application Type: Premises Licence (new)

Reference: 210430/LD2

Premises: Subway, 96 Portland Street, Central, Manchester, M1 4GX

Applicant: Think Of Somethin Limited

General description of premises as given by the applicant:

Subway Sandwich Shop on Portland Street

Proposed hours and licensable activities

Provision of late night refreshment:

  • Mon to Sun 2300 to 0500

Opening hours:

  • Mon to Sun 0000 to 2400

Steps to promote licensing objectives as given by the applicant


  • No drunk and disorderly behaviour on premises
  • No customers allowed on the premises showing violent and anti social behaviour
  • CCTV system recording 25 days footage storage
  • Vigilance in preventing the sale or use of illegal drugs on the premises
  • Ensure fire safety procedures are in place and up to date

The prevention of crime and disorder

  • Staff training on CCTV use and footage download
  • Staff training on asking customers to use the premises in an orderly and respectful manner
  • No alcohol to be consumed on site
  • Clear signs showing take out only on the premises from 2300 - 0500
  • Trained doormen on prevention of disturbance
  • Designated queuing area to avoid customer nuisance

Public safety

  • Staff trained on adherence to environmental health requirements
  • All parts of the premises, fittings, apparatus, lighting, heating, electrical, air conditioning, sanitary and other installations to be kept and maintained in good order and safe condition
  • Door staff to prevent any intoxicated customers from entering the premises
  • Keep records following any incidents for at least 6 months

The prevention of public nuisance

  • Adequate waste receptacles for customer use
  • Customers will be asked to not stand around loudly talking in the street or outside the premises
  • Movement of bins and rubbish will not be done after 11pm to reduce the levels of noise
  • No deliveries to the premises after 6pm

The protection of children from harm

  • Well trained staff to notice potential disorderly behaviour
  • Well trained doormen to be vigilant in preventing the use or sale of illegal drugs on the premises
  • Training records for all staff kept on the premises
  • All staff trained on CCTV use and footage download
  • All health and safety trained staff
  • No customers allowed to consume alcohol or drugs on the premises

The application is in consultation until midnight on 26/04/2018.

Any person wishing to comment on the application must submit their views in writing to the Licensing Unit no later than this date. These can be submitted by email to

Any comments must be relevant to the likely effect of granting the application on the promotion of the four licensing objectives:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • The protection of children from harm

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