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Didsbury Food & Wine

Application Type:

Premises Licence variation




Didsbury Food & Wine, 111 Lapwing Lane, Manchester, M20 6UR


Manji Bhanderi & Prembai Bhanderi

Description of proposed variation

To extend existing hours for the supply of Alcohol to be able to sell it 24 hours a Day

Proposed hours and licensable activities

Supply of alcohol for consumption off the premises only:

Current hours: Mon to Sat 0800 to 2300

Current hours: Sunday 1000 to 2230

Proposed hours: Mon to Sun 0000 to 2359


Opening hours:

Current hours: Mon to Sun - Unrestricted


Proposed conditions


The application is in consultation until midnight on 05/02/2018.

Any person wishing to comment on the application must submit their views in writing to the Licensing Unit no later than this date. These can be submitted by email to

Any comments must be relevant to the likely effect of granting the application on the promotion of the four licensing objectives:

• The prevention of crime and disorder

• The prevention of public nuisance

• Public safety

• The protection of children from harm


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